Name: Samuel Eppley


Favorite sports: My favorite sports are Soccer, and Baseball

Rapper: The rapper that I think is the best is Chance The Rapper

Food: Breakfast Pancakes, Lunch Hamburger, Dinner Steak

Hobbies: When I am home I like to Swim, play Baseball, and Soccer

Favorite Movie: I like to watch Home Alone because if I was home alone I would be doing the same things that he is doing

Animal: I am a dog lover because they lick me and they cuddle with me

Favorite song: Marmalade by Macklemore

Least favorite baseball player: Yaider Molina, playes for the St. Louis Cardinals

Favorite baseball player: Mike Trout, playes for the Los Angeles Angles

Biggest fears: My biggest fear is strained in the middle of the ocean


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