Where I have traveled

 By S.Eppley (Sagrada Familia, Barcelona)                                                    By S.Eppley(Eiffel Tower, Paris)

By S.Eppley (Amalfi, Italy)By S. Eppley (Cassis, France)

By S Eppley (Colosseum, Rome)By S.Eppley (Camp Nou, Barcelona)

I took an amazing trip to Europe this past summer. I visited Spain, Italy, and France. Barcelona, Spain is on the Mediterranean Sea. I visited the old Gothic town, Gaudi’s Houses, and the Sagrada Familia Church. My favorite was the soccer stadium. I got to take a tour through the stadium and the museum. Then I got to walk out, just like the players do when they go out on the field.

Italy was a lot of fun. I visited Rome and Florence. Then we drove along the Amalfi Coast and went to Pompeii. There was so much to see. The water was so blue and the cities were very old. The pizza was the best I have ever had.

Then I traveled to Paris, France on a high-speed train. The train went 180 m.p.h. I went to many of the museums and climbed the stairs to the top of Notre Dame. Then we took a tour of the Eiffel Tower and went all the way to the top.  I ate a baguette sandwich called a jambon, croissants, and sweets every day. Paris was the best! Where do you plan to travel?


Children’s Hospital

For my 20% project I have accomplished many things since this project started. One of my major accomplishment is that I have a mentor that actually cares about us and the project. This is an accomplishment because having a good mentor is so important in making this project successful. It is important because a mentor helps us plan what we need and helps to keep us on track to get the right stuff done on time. He can also make things easier to get done. I feel nervous but excited because I am worried that this project will not work out as I hope. On the other hand, I am also very excited because I cannot wait to have the soccer games and see kids having fun running around and playing soccer for charity.

My December goal is to have our prices and fees set. We will get all the money that we earn and pay for the equipment that we will need for the games. Most of the money that we will use is from our parents and each of us. 

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Awesome Holidays

Christmas Tree at City Center - Limassol, Cyprus

Andreas Komodromos via Compfight

My first and favorite holiday is Christmas. In my opinion, it is the most amazing holiday. Christmas is a time when you get together with all of your family members and give presents to one another. It is fun to spend time with my brother and sisters.  My mom and sister helped me decorate the tree with ornaments,  and put presents under the tree. I get so excited waiting to open presents on Christmas day. My Christmas tradition is to get up very early to eat breakfast and wait for my family to come down and open presents with me.

Roast Turkey

Tom Bridge via Compfight


My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is a day when you invite your family and friends over to the house. My mom makes a big dinner to feed everybody. The main food that most people eat on this day is turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a lot of desserts. This year we made so much food, and I ate too many pies. I felt sick from so much food. We all fell asleep on the floor, watching football, and then went to the movie.


The Great Jack-O-Lantern BlazeCreative Commons License SurFeRGiRL30 via Compfight

My third favorite holiday is Halloween. This is a fun time where I went with my friends and ran from door to door to get as much candy as possible. Halloween is a scary time when people jump out and try to scare you. My goal on Halloween is to run as fast as I can and fill up 2 big bags of candy. This year my friend and I went out Trick or Treating and got so much candy. We had more than 20 pounds of candy and when we got home we dumped it all out on the floor.  We said that we were going to eat it all and get fat. Just kidding. I actually don’t eat that much of it.

Kicks for Kids

 The 20% project is a project where we use 20% of our time to help the community. Jack, Brandon, and I are creating soccer games to help earn money for Children’s Hospital.

 For this 20% project, I feel a little nervous. I feel nervous because I am afraid that this project will not work out the way that we have planned. I also feel frustrated that we might not be able to get it all completed on time and meet as a group outside of school, to figure out how to plan the event, find a soccer field, and make people want to come to the games. My last feeling about the project is that I am also very excited. I feel this way because we are doing something good for the community, and we will have a lot of fun playing soccer with our friends while we help the sick children.

 Our major goals for November are meeting with our mentor about the details of the event, and locate where we will play our soccer games. We will call city parks and Griffin Elite to rent a soccer field for the day. Other goals include making an outline of our flyer,  and deciding how much to ask people to donate at the event. We also need to come up with a certain day of the week, so we can get together and work on these goals. We will then meet with our mentor to work out how to get this completed.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

What’s for Lunch?

  By Sam Eppley

 By Samuel Eppley

 By Samuel Eppley

What are the students of Gray Middle School eating for lunch? I have never really thought about this until yesterday. I love lunch, but not for the reason that you might think. Lunch is my favorite time of the day. I get to have a break from my classes and talk to all of my friends. Today I started to watch what everyone else was having and if they were buying their lunch or packing.


I don’t like to waste time in line, so I pack my lunch every day.  I normally pack a turkey, roast beef, ham, or salami sandwich. I add provolone cheese, sometimes lettuce and have it on a

baguette or some type of roll. I have a banana or an apple with chips, some type of a treat and a water to drink. My friends that pack also had lunch meat sandwiches but made theirs on white bread.

The kids that bought their lunch had spaghetti and breadsticks today, and they said they had chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes yesterday. If you would like to buy lunch, you can look to

See what will be served in the cafeteria, on the lunch menu. One thing the packers and the buyers would agree on is the special treat or dessert. We eat that first!

Writing this made me curious to see what is served at lunch in other countries. I also added a link that showed school lunches in other countries, which I thought you might find interesting.


Field of Dreams

 picture by S.Eppley
  picture by S.Eppley

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the colorful leaves, apple cider, pumpkin carving, Halloween and trick-or-treating.   However, my favorite part of fall is watching the World Series. Every year, beginning in the spring, every major league baseball team starts their long season. Their dream is to be one of the two best teams. Those two teams will play against each other, at the end of the season in the World Series.

Baseball fields are sometimes called “The Fields of Dreams.” This is because many baseball players, of all ages, have dreamed of one day becoming an MLB player.  I once played on a field named, “Field of Dreams.”  When I was batting or pitching, I would pretend I was playing on an MLB team. Stepping on the plate you feel like anything is possible.

This year, after a long season, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros are the two best teams. They will take turns playing games in their hometown. The first team to win 4 out of 7 games, will become the World Series champion. I hope that the Dodgers win.  My favorite MLB pitcher is Clayton Kershaw and he plays for the Dodgers. My wish for next year is to see my favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds, go to the World Series. Remember, that every spring in baseball is a brand new start.

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Bursting at the seams

Opening Day at Dodger Stadium Malingering via Compfighthttps://www.worldseries.com/



Manley Park Charles Henry via Compfight

Halloween Pumpkin Scare

ACTIVITY 3IMG_0986Creative Commons License Steve Baker via Compfight

There was a little boy. His name was Sam. He went to a pumpkin patch and found a pumpkin that he really wanted. So, of course, he bought it. He brought it home, and set it on the porch. The next morning, when he woke up, it had legs and a face. He couldn’t decide what to do with it. Then, he thought of the greatest idea ever.

What do you think happened next?



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Trader Joe's butter

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Don’t Get Burnt Give Credit And License The Work


When I was researching attributions and licenses, I realized how much there is to know. First, attributions are how you give credit to the creator of the images, music, and videos that a blogger might use on their own blog. Second, I learned that licenses are for protecting works. Creative Commons or C.C is an organization which provides free licenses that people can use to protect their work. The licenses say how that person wants their work to be used and shared. Before you use other’s work, look for the licenses or C.C. Then look up how that work may be used. Sometimes, all rights will be reserved and you will not be able to use that item. Other times, it may have another restriction, so read the licenses carefully. Lastly, make sure when using other’s work,  add the attribution and the license links.



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New Gift, Best EVER!

Instant Friend, Best listener

Flying fur….. Jumping High…….. Catching Ball

 Tough   Brave

Warm    Safe

Fierce Protector





King Jose’

Reasonably Clever

My avatar (King Jose’) is a funny, hyper, happy, loving dude. Jose’ enjoys wearing his gold crown, and carrying his super charge lightsaber everywhere he goes. He enjoys long walks on the beach with his dog, Dixie, and wearing his favorite blue shirt and shorts every day.

King Jose’ represents me because I also think of myself as a funny, happy, hyper, loving dude. I would enjoy being a king so I could wear a rad, gold, crown,  wear my favorite, blue, Nike shorts and shirt. Carrying a slick lightsaber would be fun.

My Passion

Mike TroutCreative Commons License Keith Allison via Compfight

My passion is playing baseball. My favorite MLB baseball player is Mike Trout. He plays for the Los Angeles Angles. I feel that by watching him play baseball, it helps me to improve my game. Watching how he plays his position and how he bats, gives me ideas on things I can work on to get better. Mike Trout always has a smile on his face all the time, even when he strikes out. I know he isn´t happy with a strikeout, but he has good sportsmanship and will try again next at bat. This is a great example of how you should respond when you make a mistake.

Baseball is a lot of fun because it is a team sport. I like meeting all my friends/teammates for practice and games. Its fun to go to other fields and other cities to play games. When we stay at hotels we play tag  and swim after our games and eat breakfast together in the mornings. We get to be together and happy when we win and there to cheer up each other when we lose. After our games our whole team goes out to eat. We have gone on haunted hayrides together and plan to go again.